• Poor “well gas” to replace Diesel in engines of 400 HP or more

    I am pleased to inform you that, finally, one of our advised R & D companies, has started to install the CPC (Controlled Ratio Fuel) system of dualization or blending, in "pure" diesel engines of 400 HP or more, used for pumping, switching Diesel fuel for Diesel / Well Gas, in oil extraction areas, and which is already in operation.

    This system generates a saving of 70% of diesel fuel, since it replaces 70% of diesel with the "poor gas" that comes out of the well directly (this implies that 70% of the fuel used for pumping has practically zero cost).

    The equipment replaces with a gas calorie each Diesel calorie replaced. For this reason, the engine does NOT lose thermodynamic performance. This is true even if it is "poor gas".
    Its application implies two immediate benefits: A sensible reduction in fuel costs by replacing 70% of the diesel fuel with the "poor gas" that comes out of the well and that is not currently used; and an environmental benefit by preventing that gas from being burned on the surface or vented.

    The CPC system can be used in all diesel engine of great production, even in those used to generate electricity in the same oil refineries. The company has installed hundreds of these equipment in static diesel engines in rural areas using Propane gas. But now, to be able to use the "poor gas" that comes out of the oil extraction wells, the spectrum of use is greatly expanded; the saving for the extraction companies is very significant and, in addition, it brings their remote extraction units close to the self-supply of fuel.

    It is highly sustainable because, in addition to the consumption savings of diesel engines equipped with this system, maintenance routines are reduced, since the oils significantly extend their useful life.

    The company provides a safe and reliable installation of CPC equipment, taking into account the standards of Safety, Environmental protection and Quality.

    It is important to note that the operation of the CPC (Controlled Rate Fuel) equipment and its performance can be controlled by telemetry.

    1) The engines are not modified, they are still diesel cycle and could be used with diesel at any time by simply pressing a button.
    2) When it works with the well gas, the engine consumes a percentage of diesel to ignite the gas that the system injects (since it does not use spark plugs such as the Otto cycle).
    3) The combustion with gas is the same as diesel, without failures, excessive fuel consumption or loss of power.
    4) If the engine is replaced by renewal, the system can be reused in the new engine.
    5) If the gas obtained from the well was not sufficient or not in condition, the engine could continue to run on diesel.
    6) It has a screen that shows the operating parameters of the engine.

    For more information, please contact us at or through Linkedin Messaging to Jacinto Escaray, Ref .: CPC System.
    Thank you!




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